Monday, April 30, 2012

 May is the month we celebrate the women who dedicate their lives to taking care of us, whether they are a mother, a grandmother, or someone else who has made a meaningful impact. Making sure that other people live healthy lives can be stressful and time-consuming, and this leads a lot of women to put their own health on the back burner.

Dr. Kifer wants to change this pattern by inspiring all women to get the health care they may have been neglecting, and treat themselves as well as they treat those around them. We are encouraging everyone to celebrate National Women’s Health Week from May 13th-19th this year.

Studies show that in times of need mothers are quick to cut things out of their own lives rather than have their children sacrifice. In one survey 72% of women said they gave up on the quality of clothing they wear, while the same number said they made no changes to that of their children. We need to make sure that these cuts are not extending to health-related issues.

Dental visits are one great way to check up on overall health. Fixing issues that come up in a visit can save a woman you love from deadly conditions such as COPD, pneumonia, a stroke, or even a heart attack.  Dr. Kifer checks for signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, oral cancer, and many other life-threatening disorders as part of regular twice-yearly appointments.

This month, encourage a woman you love to put themselves first. Buy them a massage or give them a foot rub when they come home. Tell them to take it easy one night while you make dinner and do the dishes. Better yet, make sure they are getting all of the health care they need and deserve. Are they on schedule for their twice-yearly check-ups with Dr. Kifer?

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